GUY BLAISE has published two books in Paris, France: Dieu aussi se plaindrait aux Etats-Unis (a collection of essays about his experiences living in the South) and Negrophobia (a novel about an African American who overcomes great adversity and becomes a successful doctor), both featured recommendations in Amina magazine.

In much of his work, Guy writes about issues of race from the perspective of a Black, Congolese, French — and now American — immigrant living in the South.

African Proverbs: Lessons for George Bush is his third book, his first in English, for which he is seeking a English-language publisher. This blog is based on that book: a timely collection of letters to President Bush regarding his policies. Each letter is a critique tied to an African proverb and gives advice to the President, in true African form. The president would do well to read it.

Guy lives with his wife and children in North Carolina, where he is at work on his next book. He enjoy Taekwondo (Third degree black belt) and Karate with his daughters and son.