Does skin color matter? However black or white a cow is, the milk is always white

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What would I remember of 2014?  In America, Do #BlackLivesMatter?  Yes! The way black people and white people see life in America reminds me of the way people interpret the Bible: two pastors can read the same copy of the Bible but can interpret it differently.

Policemen, in the eyes of a white man, can be seen as a symbol of safety, but in those of people of color, a threat. Can we imagine a scenario in which both colors (yes, white is a color too) can trade their skin color for a day to feel how the others see America?

I do not believe in being the eternal victim, but nor am I so naive as to not recognize the challenges people of color have to go through. Statistics are out there, minorities commit more crimes than whites, proportionally. At the same time, a policeman who happens to be white can be called racist for arresting a criminal who happened to be black. Statistics also show that minorities are disproportionally arrested, jailed, and killed, compared to whites committing the same crimes. It is not fair!

So what is the right balance so that everyone in America can be happy? America still has a long way to go in dealing with race. Black and white in America is a degree of privilege. Blacks have to do more to prove themselves and whites have to do just enough. Hmm!

Genetically, are they that different? The color of their blood is still red! In the 21st century, does skin color still matter? As the Wolof of Senegal say, “However black or white a cow is, the milk is always white.”









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