US politics remains divided: A razor may be sharper than an ax, but it cannot cut wood

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Bye-bye 2014, welcome 2015!  US politics has been very consistently divided, Democrats vs. Republicans. As a result, nothing is accomplished.

What will I remember about American politics in 2014? The US Democrats lost their majority in the US Senate. Surprise? Not a big surprise, because traditionally a second term president’s party loses elections due to the American “fatigue” of the same leader — even in the face of proof that he’s doing well.

President Obama’s economic strategy to overcome one of the worse recessions is working. The US economy is back and stronger. But still this good news was not enough to prevent President Obama’s party from losing American votes.

The US “tradition” of shifting power in Senate or House before the end of an 8 year term was kept. As the Annang people of Nigeria say, ”A razor may be sharper than an ax, but it cannot cut wood.”

Barack Obama, Harry Reid



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