History repeats itself: When weeds invade the land, it means the owner is absent

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Middle East regime changes by the United States and its allies have changed the world forever. The US decision to invade Iraq had a pyromaniac effect in the Middle East. We are watching how the Western countries — by trying to remove President Assad of Syria by giving arms to the rebels in Syria — have created chaos.

ISIS is not a creation of Allah! The weapons that they use to fight the infidels have the same origin, the same arms that supported the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. History is repeating again. The US and its allies believe in arming again the Syrian rebels with the hope to keep ISIS out of Syria and Iraq.

ISIS is a bouillon of multiple extremist groups with the same view of western culture. Eliminating strong leaders such as Saddham Hussein, Kadhaffi, and eventually Bashar Assad — all called “dictators” by the West– has created a heaven for radical Islamist Jihadi. As the Bahumbu of Congo say, “When weeds invade the land, it means the owner is absent.”




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