Controversy over Bergdahl’s release: Sometimes you need to sacrifice your beard in order to save your head

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The release of a U.S. Army Sergeant detained by the Taliban after five years of captivity has ignited a political debate about how his release was negotiated. We all agree that the Taliban is a terrorist group. Are five Taliban lives worth one American life?

Honestly, the United States didn’t have any choice whether to save the life of its soldier. In the American political arena,the political class doesn’t speak in one voice when it comes to national interests. The anti-Obama people would put national interest and pride above any achievement by the Obama administration.

Mr. Bergdahl’s parents certainly appreciate his release more than anybody. The U.S. government has done well in saving this man’s life. As the Bedouin of Egypt say, “Sometimes you need to sacrifice your beard in order to save your head.”



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