Bush witness at gay marriage: A closed mind is like a closed book

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Love is love, and there are different kinds of love.

It is okay that former President George W.H. Bush was a witness of a gay marriage. America is changing and it is embracing the change.

Critics will see the Bush, Sr., change of mind as a calculated move because, in America, politics and suspicion are tied together. The truth is, he is an old man who doesn’t have a hidden agenda to run for office, unless he is preparing his descendants to embrace the change.

No matter what, we all agree that people have the right to be happy. It is a human right.

As long as his fellow conservatives stay rigid about same sex union, the White House will remain Democratic. As the Indians of South Africa say, “A closed mind is like a closed book.”

George W. H. Bush same sex marriage

George W. H. Bush same sex marriage