US involvement in Syria a mistake: A wrong step by the leader is a warning for those following

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From Alexis de Tocqueville to Vladimir Putin, the European view of American exceptionalism has not changed a lot. America is still a country born from a revolution, built by immigrants, a country of severe inequalities and imperialism.

President Putin’s article in the New York Times is a lesson of history, morals, and a warning toward regular American people. By bypassing American political leaders and speaking directly to the people of America about the danger of attacking Syria, he knows that the idea of feeling “special” is fed by  politics.

US involvement in Syria is unpopular both in the United States and the rest of the world. President Obama is making a huge mistake to involve the US in another Muslim country. It will only increase the anti-American resentment in the Arab world. As the Bayombe of Congo say, “A wrong step by the leader is a warning for those following.”

Obama about Syria

Obama about Syria