No shame for Obama to retract his words: A good thing sells itself. A bad one advertises itself

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The Obama administration’s obsession with attacking Syria reminds me of the same tactics used by the Bush administration regarding Iraq. Like a leech stuck on its victim’s skin, President Obama insists that President Assad crossed the line by using chemical weapons against his people.

There is no shame in retracting words said. A change of mind is more honorable than going to war for honor. It is clear that the world is against US intervention in Syria. John Kerry, the US secretary of State, is touring Europe like a carrier pigeon looking for support. The world has learned from the Iraq fiasco!

The US government has a credibility problem. A military intervention in Syria is a bad idea. The US has not proven that the Assad regime was behind the use of chemical weapons against its people. As the Swahili of Tanzania say, “A good thing sells itself. A bad one advertises itself.”

Obama and Kerry

Obama and Kerry