Democracy not for Arabs: You don’t know a man before he takes a woman

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The Obama administration is struggling with how to deal with the Egyptian chaos. Listening to Senator McCain, he believes that the US has no credibility in Egypt. I agree with him. I can add that the US has a credibility problem in the whole Muslim world.

Muslims are not Christians and are not part of Western civilization. So Western models of democracy are not practical in Muslim worlds, ruled often by a strong man and dictatorship. Saddam, Qaddafi, Mubarak, Assad, Ben Ali have lead their people with iron hands and their countries were stable. I am not sure if Egypt is governable now.

The only solution in Egypt is the return of military power to stop the chaos. Democracy is not for Arabs. They need a different kind of liberty based on their own society and culture. Arabs thought that democracy was a synonym of peace and a better life. At this time, many are missing Hosni Mubarak. As theĀ  Creole of Liberia say, “You don’t know a man before he takes a woman.”

Violence in Egypt

Violence in Egypt