Putin supports Syria’s Assad: He who eats alone chokes alone

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The Syrian civil war was one of the topics at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. President Putin of Russia found himself isolated, supporting Bashar al-Assad‘s regime.

The Western countries usually speak with one voice and get behind regime change based on their self-interests.    The civil war in Syria can be seen by the West as an opportunity to weaken Iran’s influence in the region. Putin, who has been very critical of the West since being reelected, has shown his unconditional support to Bashar al-Assad.

No matter what, there will be a loser and a winner in this complex situation. While the US has decided to arm the rebels, Mr. Putin said Russia would go on arming the Assad government. As the Bedouin of Egypt say, “He who eats alone chokes alone.”

Obama & Putin

Obama & Putin

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