McCain visits Syria: A dog has four legs but follows only one path

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Senator McCain‘s surprise trip to Syria can be seen as a persuasive move to influence the US government to support the rebels. Syria is a strategic country. The fall of the Assad regime means the asphyxia of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Behind US foreign policy is the protection of Israeli interests. The US is like a big brother looking after his younger brother. McCain is a pro Israeli Senator but he certainly didn’t learn a lesson from the Ahmed Chalabi scandal in Iraq (Chalabi is an Iraqi politician who fabricated and mislead the US about the existence of mass destruction in Iraq).

Technically, the US is capable of sending its troops on the ground in Syria, but is it worth it to be involved in another war? As the Bangala of Congo say, “A dog has four legs but follows only one path.”

John McCain's visit to Syria

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