Weiner declares candidacy for New York City mayor: No matter how long a log floats on the river, it will never be a crocodile

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Disgraced politicians are returning to the spotlight recently. In politics, a scandal can be fatal. But some politicians have managed to return from the “grave” to be reelected.

Now we have two public figures, one a Democrat and the other a Republican, caught in the most bizarre scandals. The first had an affair with an Argentinean woman. The second had a Twitter “virtual” affair with a college student. (Politicians have three things in common: power, money, and an appetite for women.)

Mark Sanford refused to resign and has made an impressive political comeback from disgrace. Anthony Weiner announced that he is running for New York mayor after admitting that he posted nude pictures of himself on Twitter. The State of South Carolina has made a choice to forgive its former governor by giving him a second chance.

Mark Sanford likely inspired Anthony Weiner, but there is no guarantee that his bid will be a successful one. In politics, nothing is impossible, but Anthony Weiner is not Mark Sanford and New Yorkers are not South Carolinians. As the Bambara of Mali say, “No matter how long a log floats on the river, it will never be a crocodile. ”


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