IRS targets Tea Party: He who falls victim to his enemies can expect no mercy

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Recent IRS actions have reinforced conservative conspiracy theories. The irony is that the Tea Party is acting like they got a surprise ice cold shower. The Muslim Americans and Muslim nonprofits that endure worse screening from the IRS do not cry as loudly.

We all agree that profiling conservative groups was wrong. This scandal is an early Christmas gift to Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck to fuel hate and target the President. Will IRS misconduct be “responsible” for all the problems that the conservatives will have in winning the White House?

Other groups go through this. We can expect the Tea Party to become more extremist. Should we expect an armed rebellion?

The Tea Party enemies are the American government first, then those who do not think like them and those who do not look like them. Should we feel feel sorry for the Tea Party? As the Bamileke of Cameroon say, “He who falls victim to his enemies can expect no mercy.”



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