Benghazi stain on Obama’s presidency: Every head has its own kind of headache

The handling of the Benghazi terror attack by the Obama administration has been a failure. It was naive to think that an American consulate in Libya could be safe. The worst part was to conceal the truth for political reasons. If the truth had known during the presidential election, President Obama would be in serious trouble of winning his second term.

Benghazi will be President Obama’s nightmare, a dark spot of his presidency. His predecessors had theirs. As head of State, the President should accept the responsibility for failing to save the lives of these four Americans and learn from it.

For sure, if Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016, she should be ready to face attacks about her role in this tragedy. The 2016 US presidential will not be a land slide for Hillary despite her popularity. As the Bedouin of Egypt say, “Every head has its own kind of headache.”


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