Jason Collins is gay: Truth is like fire: it cannot be hidden under dry leaves

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Being a gay is certainly not a crime. But being gay and Black is like being struck twice by lightning. President Obama’s call of support to basketball star Jason Collins, who just came out publicly, is also a recognition that the world is changing and every one of us should adapt to the new reality.

Jason Collins’ decision was brave because, although he has nothing to lose at 34 — almost at the end of his NBA career, the truth is that he will still have to face homophobic athletes on the basketball court. The NBA is dominated by Black athletes, and Blacks still see homosexuality as intolerable and difficult to embrace.

Jason Collins has peace in his mind. Hopefully other gay athletes will come out and help those in the shadows to live normal lives and not to be judged. As the Amhara of Ethiopia say, “Truth is like fire: it cannot be hidden under dry leaves.”

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