Immigrants attacking the countries that welcome them: Don’t pee in the bed that you sleep on

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston marathon suspect, has admitted his involvement in planting the bombs that killed three people. He also told investigators that his now dead brother was the driving force behind the attack. While he may be right, it will be hard to get sympathy from the public. He will likely face the death penalty if convicted.

There is no perfect way to prevent a terror attack. Western countries are indeed at war with Islamists.

We have seen young Americans of Somali descent try to hurt the country that shelters them and their parents. We have seen the same pattern in France (for example, Mohamed Merah or Khaled Kelkal).

People immigrate for a better life and opportunities. Why hurt the country that welcomes you? As the Bayaha of Congo say, “Don’t pee in the bed that you sleep on.”

Boston bombers