Rand Paul tops Marco Rubio in polls: It is the same moon that wanes today that will be the full moon tomorrow

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The latest CNN political polls have shown that Rand Paul is more favorable than Marco Rubio among Republicans. While it is too soon to think of the next US presidential election, both GOP stars lack political realism.

Rubio certainly has not learned a lesson from the last election. Thinking that being a Latino in the spotlight will attract people to him is utopic. Rubio should remember that the Michael Steele experiment didn’t work. Mr. Steele was elected to be the “remedy” to appeal to Blacks (sort of anti Obama).

No matter how hard Marco Rubio will try, his effort will be a drop of water in the ocean. This poll can be repeated in 2015, and Marco Rubio will not be better among the GOP. So what is the point of being a “human ornament  among people who are not open to others?

Let’s keep hope that the Republican party will finally open up and learn from the past. For now, it sounds like they are on the same losing path again in 2016. As the Bamileke of Cameroon say, “It is the same moon that wanes today that will be the full moon tomorrow.”

Paul vs Rubio

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