Gun control is not enough: When the shadow of a tree is bent, straighten the tree, not the shadow

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Support for gun control in America is fading. Time and emotions go in opposite directions. The more time passes, the less emotion stays. After all these massacres in the US, still, the American people didn’t learn anything from these tragedies. We will wait for the next big killings for the debate over guns to come back.

America is infested with guns to the point that there is no hope for a normal life in this country. There is no solution. America was born under blood; violence is part of the American culture.  Weapons alone do not  kill people: people use weapons to kill people.

Before passing tough gun control laws, Americans need to change their mentality and differentiate reality from movies. We should not blame guns alone. As the Fang of Gabon say, “When the shadow of a tree is bent, straighten the tree, not the shadow.”

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