US favors Israel over Palestine: A mother of twins should have impartial breasts

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President Obama has just visited the Middle East. His vision and hope for peace in this troubled region of the world is known. However, no tangible progress has been made since he has been in the White House and since his historic speech to the Arab world in Cairo.

President Obama’s actions resemble a polygamist with two wives who prefers one over the other, Israel over Palestine. There are clearly two messages from the US administration.

Palestinians mistrust the US administration and do not have high expectations from President Obama’s visit. If words could change things, President Obama would win another Nobel prize.

As long as the US administrations continue to favor Israel over Palestine, it will always be a waste of time to try to negotiate a peace deal. President Obama should be fair. As the Kikuyu of Kenya say, “A mother of twins should have impartial breasts.”

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