Senator Portman: The judge’s son is not a judge.

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Conservative US Senator Rob Portman of Ohio is in the news for changing his stand on gay marriage. The Senator is a Methodist. He believed in and defended the marriage act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

The Senator’s change of heart came after he found out that his own son, Will, is indeed gay. Senator Portman is now joining the list of conservative Dads with gay children, such as Dick Cheney.

As a father, he made the right decision. He realized that two straight people do not necessary give birth to another straight person. A son of conservative parents may be born conservative and gay or may turn out to be liberal and gay. This case proves that religious belief and sexual orientation do not go together. As the Swahili of Tanzania say, “The judge’s son is not a judge.”

Senator Portman and Gay son

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