Pope Francis: It is not by watching a newly wed wife that she is going to become pregnant

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A new Pope has been elected. For people who believe in God, a new Pope is a synonym of hope. For atheists, it is a farce.

Pope Francis is a progressive who has evolved with reality. Expectations  from followers are high on issues such as gay marriage, priests marrying, use of condoms, women’s right to choose contraception and abortion. It is too early to say if the Pope will please everybody. He is certainly aware of those issues.

Gays and women shouldn’t wait for the Pope to end their misery. He certainly can influence politicians in their decision making. But the Pope is not God. Politics run the world. While the Pope certainly can influence their decisions, gays and women’s advocates still have to fight hard for equality despite Pope Francis’ progressive views. As the Soninke of Mali say, “It is not by watching a newlywed wife that she is going to become pregnant.”

Pope Francis convictions

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