Obama continues Bush terrorism policy with drones: The family tree may bend but it never breaks

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CIA Director nominee John Brennan’s Senate hearing was interrupted by protests over US drone strikes, which kill both civilians and terrorists.

Mr. Brennan is expected to be confirmed as CIA director. Would he change their strategy in dealing with terrorists? He himself was one of the artisans of techniques of torture called water-boarding under President George W. Bush. The drones have been effective in killing Al-Qaeda leadership.

There is no clean war. There will always be collateral damage. Although, protesters make a good point: by killing terrorists and having many casualties, it seems like a collective punishment. In the eyes of the US government, American lives are superior to those in the remote villages of Pakistan.

US foreign policy (1)The CIA will continue this program. President Obama is simply continuing the same policy for which the world condemned George W. Bush. As the Krio of Sierra-Leone say, “The family tree may bend but it never breaks.”

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