New gun laws will not solve the problem of gun violence in America: Rotten wood cannot be carved

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Some National Rifle Association (NRA) members have signed a petition asking  that Piers Morgan (an intelligent and talented CNN anchor) be deported from the US. Piers Morgan has been very vocal about guns and violence in the US. For people who have lived in Europe, Mr. Morgan’s reaction to US gun laws makes a lot of sense. For NRA members, it is interference in American affairs.

Despite Mr. Morgan’s good intentions in raising awareness about the weaknesses of gun laws in America and the consequences, it is like talking to a dead body. Being insensitive to the suffering of the victims of gun violence and their families proves clearly that NRA members are out of touch with reality.

The US constitution is the equivalent of the Bible for the members of the National Rifle Association. Mr. Morgan should know that these people believe in guns, and therefore in violence, and there is nothing to do about it. New gun laws will not have an impact on them. The America founding fathers got it wrong from the beginning. As the Chinese South Africans say, “Rotten wood cannot be carved.”

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