Can Americans think about gun control after the Sandy Hook shootings? If you get annoyed by what you see, you blame your eyes

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The school killings in Connecticut are a pure tragedy.  Guns and mental illness are not the cause, though.  Blaming the shooter or mental illness instead of addressing the problem of guns in America doesn’t make any sense. Fifty years from now, the debate about gun control in this country will still be alive.

Blacks and Latinos also love guns. Americans as a whole love guns. The image of cowboys and Western movies, where guns are basically a language of society in a “country of freedom”, is in the American genes. No other country in the world has more weapons than citizens.

Barbarism and decadence go together. What touches the American people is a mass killing in one day. The truth is, America deals with killing and guns on a daily basis.

Do Americans have a collective conscience to think seriously about gun control? I doubt it because this has been gone for decades. This tragedy is the result of corruption and gun lobbyists. As the Kikuyu of Kenya say, “If you get annoyed by what you see, you blame your eyes.”


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