Jesse Jackson, Jr., faces allegations of misusing campaign funds: The death that kills a man begins as an appetite

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Jesse Jackson, Jr., has resigned from congress amid speculations about his health issues. However, the troubled congressman was not an angel.

A few years ago, he was implicated in a scandal that sent Governor Blagojevich to jail over Senator Obama’s senate seat. Recently, rumors of alcoholism and misusing campaign funds have surfaced. The congressman is suspected of using campaign money to furnish his home and buying a female friend a $40,000 Rolex watch.

For sure, Jesse Jackson, Jr., is innocent until proven guilty; however, there is no way that he will escape such a series of allegations. Jackson, Jr., sees himself as a prince who should live large. Campaign funds should not be used as a piggy bank for personal spending.

Depression could be the consequences of his actions, not the cause of his resignation. He is politically dead. As the Hausa of Niger say, “The death that kills a man begins as an appetite.”


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