Trump, Palin, Coulter gaffs: A foolish head weakens the feet

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Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and and Ann Coulter seem to believe that they own America and have the right to denigrate the President of the United States. Clearly these people have trouble accepting someone different than a White man in the White House.

Why don’t they go into exile and come back after the president’s term is over? What if Obama is reelected?

There is nothing wrong with them expressing their political views, but when race become an argument, it is just wrong and immoral.

Donald Trump’s big announcement was just a big publicity stunt to put him back on the news. If ridicule could kill, Donald Trump would be dead a long time ago. As the Zulu of South Africa say, “A foolish head weakens the feet.”

Palin, Trump & Coulter gaffs

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