Pastor Terry Jones behind anti-Muslim movie ?: Don’t sprinkle salt on a wound

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Protests at the US embassy in Cairo, Egypt, and  Benghazi, Libya, over a movie insulting the prophet Muhammad reinforces anti-Americanism in the Muslim world and is a reminder to the American people that the changes in the Muslim world are not necessarily beneficial to the United States.

On September 11th, a day of remembering innocent American people killed in the spectacular attacks on American soil, the wounds are still fresh. Are these events coincidences or well-planned protests?

Pastor Terry Jones of Florida, known for planning the burning of copies of Qur’an in 2010, is suspected to be one of the producers of the movie. In the Muslim world, the shadow of the US government is everywhere, suspected to be involved as well. The US is a victim of its own freedom of speech. The movie was a bad idea because it gives the the Muslim extremists an excuse for violence. Will the US ever be in peace with the Muslim world?

To Pastor Terry Jones, we say, as the Bedouin of Egypt do, “Don’t sprinkle salt on a wound.”

Pastor Terry Jones

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