Superpowers don’t support asylum for Assange: A hyena cannot smell its own stench

Ecuador giving political asylum to Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) is the right thing to do.

The irony in this affair is that the three main countries that violated international laws have been exposed in their lies (France, UK, and the US). The UK for instance refused to extradite Pinochet. Now, the UK is threatening to invade the Ecuadorian embassy in London to arrest Mr. Assange. Such a move is a real violation of international laws.

We have seen how leaders outspoken against the empire and its traditional allies have been brought down (Gaddafi, Hussein). Now Bashar Assad is facing the same treatment. Honestly, can we trust Western media, used as a tool of manipulation and propaganda? There is a real war and change of regime that the media does not talk about.

Why can emerging countries not boycott the U.N. ? These three superpowers exist because of the rest of the world. They are not superpowers without the rest of the world.

By exposing the West’s dark secrets, Julian Assange and Wikileaks have helped the world. Unfortunately, it has had little impact in the way the West deals with other countries. As the Maasai of Kenya say, “A hyena cannot smell its own stench.”


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