Rush Limbaugh: He who is born a fool is never cured

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Watching American society arguing about birth control is incomprehensible.  It seems like anytime American women gain one step, they are held back three steps. Birth control is a private matter and a civil right. The involvement of American Taliban — I mean the American ultra- conservatives — in the debate adds more spice in the sauce.

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative watchdog and spokeman, had his own opinion about the issue, calling a Georgetown law school student a slut and prostitute. Are conservatives from planet Mars? They have mothers, sisters, daughters, and aunts. How do they feel about one of their leaders verbally assaulting a woman? What does Rush Limbaugh’s wife think about her husband’s behavior?

Rush Limbaugh birth controlFor sure Rush Limbaugh is not experiencing his first controversy. He was born that way and will never change. As the Swahili of Kenya say, “He who is born a fool is never cured.”

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