Lack of civility in GOP primaries going to hurt Romney in the end: War is a disaster for winner and loser alike

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Money matters in a political campaign. Money buys votes. Winning New Hampshire for Mitt Romney is like winning in his backyard. The former Governor of Massachussetts has been leading consistently in the polls.

His faux pas (“I like being able to fire people”) has been an opportunity for his opponents to attack him. Despite everything, he is still way ahead of all the other candidates.

Here is what is going to hurt Mitt Romney in a long run: negative attacks from his GOP opponents. The Democrats will use them against him.

The lack of civility and substance are what are missing in these primaries. What make these Republican candidates conservative in the first place? Is it their philosophy? As the Bedouin of Egypt say, “War is a disaster for winner and loser alike.”



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