All EU countries will pay the price for Greece: A man who hides a thorn in his foot earns a swelling

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If we knew that bad things would come in the future, we would certainly start things in reverse. France and Germany, the first to start the European union, are looking back and scratching their heads.

For those of us who have been watching the growth of the European Union, many will remember the debate about allowing some countries into the union, including Greece. President Sarkozy of France has recognized that allowing Greece to join the European Union was a mistake. Germans agree.

Greece and other countries such as Portugal and Spain are becoming a heavy load for the richest European countries. It is too late to kick Greece out of the union, but Greeks must learn how to pay taxes so that their government functions.

Unfortunately, all European Union members will pay the price. As the Ga of Ghana say, “A man who hides a thorn in his foot earns a swelling.”


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