US keeps making same mistakes in foreign policy and wonders why people are hostile: A hyena cannot smell its own stench

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The UN, Israel, and the United States are up against the wall. Mahmoud Abbas’ bid for Palestinian Statehood is a big move and a big test that exposes the biased attitude of the United States. If the UN was not a puppet of the West, Palestinians would have their own state already, living side by side with Israel.

We all agree that Palestinians are also God’s creatures, who want to see their kids grow up in peace. The suffering is so deep and visible in this people, a people who have lost hope. For years the negotiations went nowhere.

The Palestinians do not trust the US role in this negotiation. Some days, I wonder if President Obama believes in what he says or does he have to say what the Jewish community wants to hear? As usual the European Union parrots the United States. They are against Abbas’ decision.

So, what is the alternative? The US decision to veto any resolution in favor of Palestinian statehood will have serious consequences in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the US government keeps making the same mistakes over the years and still wonders why these people are hostile to American foreign policy. As the Kalenji of Kenya say, “A hyena cannot smell its own stench.”


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