CNN’s respected Piers Morgan and Christine O’Donnell: He who has got experience can milk a running cow

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The images of Christine O’Donnell walking away from the Piers Morgan interview is an illustration of the broken side of politics in America. The Tea Party movement, a terrorist movement for some people, is certainly the last political movement that the Unites States needs.

Can you imagine that this woman was very close to be elected as Senator? She certainly has succeeded by getting attention, therefore making money. Controversy, good or bad, helps to sell books. Like her “twin sister” from Alaska, the time is now for the big bucks before they get buried and forgotten. It is clear that they love politics but do not have the skills to be good politicians.

The well known and respected Piers Morgan’s job is to ask questions. He has helped us to understand better the position of extremists around matters that they just do not want to address, such as gays. By being silent and walking away, each of us knows what was her answer. Mr. Morgan has class and style. As the Peul of Guinea say, “He who has got experience can milk a running cow.”


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