Goran Hadzic, Serbian fugitive, finally arrested: A man who hides a thorn in his foot earns a swelling

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The last of 161 fugitives indicted for war crimes after the breakup of Yugoslavia has been arrested. Goran Hadzic was arrested and transferred to the international court of The Hague to respond to the charges against him. Mr. Hadzic was on the run for seven years.

The government of Serbia was criticized for not doing enough to arrest the fugitives. Clearly, the fugitives have had the benefit of accomplices to be on the run for so long. Serbia’s wishes to be part of the European Union were handicapped by its response to hunt down its war criminals.

For many in Serbia, Goran Hadzic is a hero. But Serbia is seeing the urgency and benefits of being part of the EU. Its government does not have a choice other than to respect international laws. It is unclear if the arrest of Goran Hadzic will speed up EU membership for Serbia. For sure, the arrests of Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic will make things much easier for Serbia. As the Bambara of Mali say, “A man who hides a thorn in his foot earns a swelling.”


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