Palin still undecided about seeking the GOP presidential nomination: If the nail decided to malinger, it would not pierce butter

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Is this the end of Sarah Palin‘s honeymoon with super-conservative groups? The former Alaskan governor — who is still undecided whether to seek the GOP presidential nomination — has raised just a small amount of money compared to when she was “hot” and all over the news. This is a sign that, slowly, she is being buried by another woman: Michele Bachmann. Maybe her fundraising will determine her decision.

For sure Sarah Palin enjoys the attention and the uncertainties of the media. She is playing her last card in the world of politics. She is not a political threat for Mitt Romney, the leading presidential candidate of the GOP, or President Obama. As the Wolof of Senegal say, “If the nail decided to malinger, it would not pierce butter.”


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