Reform should weed out sexual immorality in politics: A tree is straightened while still young

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America deserves the politicians it has. The latest scandal about a lewd picture of congressman Anthony Weiner confirms once again that Democrats in Washington are not saints. Imagine if Anthony Weiner was a Republican! the scandal would be a political earthquake.

Only a naive person would believe that the liberals are the good guys and the conservatives are evil. In reality, the lack of morality in American politics is tolerated by its people. The list of sexual political scandals in Washington is long, from Clinton to Gingrich, Edwards to Foley, and now Anthony Weiner.

These names are the pure products of American society — a society where money buys elections. America should screen their politicians better. More scandals will come in the future. The founders of the American Constitution are also guilty. Political reforms should weed out the bad seeds of American politics. However, America is still less than 300 years old. As the Bangala of Congo say, “A tree is straightened while still young.”


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