Is Palin running for president or not? Women and glass are always in danger

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Is she running or not? Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, who has been quiet for a while, is back in the news. The GOP cannot find someone capable of beating President Obama next year. The golden women of the Tea Party are signaling that they are willing to step in. 

Living in a very mysogynist society, Sarah Palin will face sexism and the media. Honestly, the media at some point was unfair in the way they treated her in the 2008 presidential election campaign. This time, will things be different? It is difficult to say. Campaign fever is not yet high. Time will tell.

The Democrats’ hope is to have Ms. Palin or Ms. Bachmann as GOP nominee. Maybe America is ready to elect a woman as their first president, maybe not. Maybe America would prefer a man of color again over a woman. For sure as the Hadimu of Zanzibar say, “Women and glass are always in danger.”


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