The US needs Pakistan in the war on terror: Better a bad wife than an empty house

Pakistan has bitten the hand that feeds it. Relations between the US and Pakistan will never be the same. The Pakistani government is still trying to figure out how to save face. The humiliation is a national embarassment.

Between billions and the $25 million put on Osama’s head, it was worth more to protect the Al-Qaeda leader than to capture him. Many questions have been asked of the Pakistani government. So far, no explanation has been given.  Osama’s wives and daughter have been interrogated by the ISI (Pakistani secret service). There is no proof that the information the ISI is releasing is true. Maybe Osama was living in the mansion for more than 5 years.

The US government’s questions will not have answers. The US government does not have a choice other than to cooperate with the Pakistani government. The US needs Pakistan to fight terrorism and win against the Taliban in Afghanistan. As the Bete of Ivory Coast say, “Better a bad wife than an empty house.”


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