The US must leave Afghanistan: The work of ox in the field

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The US military will not succeed where the Russians failed. The war against the Taliban is not a winnable war. Events lately only confirm this: An escape tunnel was dug to free 480 prisoners, an Afghan pilot shot and killed 8 US soldiers and a contractor out of anger.

The US must leave both Afghanistan and Pakistan and let their governments resolve their own problems. It is time to let the tribes and their warlords neutralize each other. It will bring back a sort of equilibrium, as in nature where lions, panthers, elephants, and crocodiles find a way to live together in the jungle.

Despite US efforts building roads and schools, the opinion of the US in the Muslim world will never be favorable, no matter what. The US taxpayers are the losers in this affair. There is no reward. The mission of the US in Afghanistan is, as the Bangala of Congo say, “The work of ox in the field.”


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