The West turns on its former allies: A kinsman in trouble has to be saved, not blamed

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Finally, President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen has agreed to step down in exchange for immunity so he and his entourage will not be prosecuted. President Saleh has certainly learned lessons from the latest world agitations. He has learned that Western governments do not protect their allies in bad times.

Ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is being prosecuted in his country. Moammar Ghaddafi, who had made peace with the West, is about to be removed by force by the West. Clearly the West does not show gratitude to those who have served them. They put their strategic interests first. No matter how hard President Saleh tried to fight to stay in power, he is losing his grip. Yemen has taken a road of no return for a regime change.

Hosni Mubarak and Saleh were valuable allies in fighting terrorism. They should be rewarded for risking their lives to maintain peace. They should be given asylum for choosing to fight Muslim extremists. Instead, they have been accused of being dictators.

In good times, everyone closed their eyes about the way these leaders were running their countries. It is a lesson for future allies of the West. It is unfortunate. As the Bayombe of Zambia say, “A kinsman in trouble has to be saved, not blamed.”


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