Mugabe’s treatment of farmers like Mike Campbell shameful: Death does not sound a trumpet

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Mike Campbell has died. Many of you have never heard about Mike Campbell. This white Zimbabwean farmer was a victim of racism; he was beaten by a Mugabe Black militia group and lost his land.

Campbell took President Mugabe to court and won his case, but in a dictatorship, the dictator ignores the law. Mr. Campbell certainly, like many of us, hoped to see Mugabe arrested and throw in jail for many crimes comitted by his regime. President Mugabe still does not understand that, as President in a multi-racial society, he is the president for the whole nation, not just black people.

Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) was a  British colony. At the time of independence from the British, Zimbabwe was the bread basket for the whole region. Now, people are starving. The treatment of white Zimbabwean farmers is shameful. Unfortunately, bad people like Mugabe have a long life, but sooner or later Mugabe will go to hell. As the Bangala of Congo say, “Death does not sound a trumpet.”


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