Obama no different than predecessors when it comes to foreign policy: They are all fingers of the same hand

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President Obama has launched his reelection campaign, 19 months before the election itself. His campaign will be expensive. Many predict a billion dollar campaign. In 19 months, the president must convince skeptical independent voters why he needs to be reelected.

Many of us had high expectations for a change in American politics, especially in foreign policy. Nothing has changed since President Obama has been in the White House. The world was hoping that President Obama would bring countries together. His speech in Cairo to the Arab world gave us the impression that things would be different. Nothing happened.

President Obama must reinvent himself to bring back the enthusiasm of the 2008 campaign. For now, when it is about foreign affairs, President Obama is the same as Presidents Reagan, both Bushes, and Clinton. As the the Bayaka of Congo say, “They are all fingers of the same hand.”


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