Romney should be evaluated for his political beliefs, not for being a Mormon: If a man believes in a stone, that stone will serve him well

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US presidential candidates are tested for their faith in God as much as for their knowledge of interior and foreign affairs or whether they are “likable” or not. Faith is important for every American.

Religious intolerance is a sort of poison injected to disqualify a political opponent. We have seen Protestant versus Catholic. Not long ago, President Obama, who has both a Jewish name and Arab name, was subject to attacks by his political opponents. Since Islamophobia is a recipe that sells well in America, “Hussein” was the focus of his opponent to label him as Muslim. We can predict already that Mitt Romney, the leader of the GOP in polls, will be targeted for being a Mormon.

Maybe the change coming to America from every direction will also break the religious barrier for Romney. He has a tough battle ahead against the Evangelical movement within his own political party. Are they ready to elect a Mormon as GOP candidate or they will throw banana skins in his way?

No matter what, Mitt Romney must stand for what he believes. The president should ultimately be elected for his political agenda, not based on his religious beliefs. As the Kabyls of Algeria say, “If a man believes in a stone, that stone will serve him well.”  


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