Karger, gay Republican, announces plans to run for president: You can share the same bed but you can’t share the same dream

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Being gay is hard. Being gay and a Republican is even harder. Fred Karger, an openly gay Republican, has announced his intentions to run for the 2012 presidential elections. Frankly, Fred is certainly capable to be the President of the United States, considering his political experience advising Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Bush. The question is, is America ready to elect a gay man to the White House?

Would Karger get support from within conservative ranks? How is it even possible to be gay and Republican? I see it like a piece of hair in the soup. He might have the support of some of the gay community in the US, but their vote will not be enough to get him elected. Fred Karger may see himself as Republican but the Republicans may see him as “not conservative enough.” John McCain is even seen as too moderate.

 The lack of courage to accept gays and lesbians openly within their party shows how the Republican party is rigid and refuses to adapt to reality. How many scandals  have we witnessed the last few years within the Republican party? Mark Foley, Ted Haggard (George W. Bush’s “spiritual advisor”), and more. The list is long. In French, the word is “hypocrisie”.

Fred Karger should know that he might see the Republican party has his family but, to them, he’s gay first and Republican second: a man in the wrong place, even though many powerful Republicans hide their sexuality in the closet. He should run as an Independent. As the Bamileke of Cameroon say, “You can share the same bed but you can’t share the same dream.”


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