Obama, you can’t count on my vote twice: He who chews two bones at the same time will surely bite his tongue

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Dear President Obama,

What happened to the promise of changing the world to be a better place? During the U.S. presidential election you promised to restore the American image, tarnished by the Bush administration.

President Bush was the subject of criticism over his  “cowboy” style of trying to spread democracy in the Arab world. President Obama, you are doing exactly the same thing in Libya. What happened to the man to whom I gave my vote? There is clearly a difference between rhetoric and action. By giving you my vote, my expectations were that you would not be a clone of President Bush in these matters, that you would clean up the mess left by your predecessor, and that you would show your leadership  in resolving conflicts by negotiation.

As a Christian, you believe in forgiveness, and the world has witnessed a changed Colonel Ghaddafi who chose peace over terrorism. Let Allah question Moammar Ghaddafi on Judgement Day. How will you build trust with the Arabs if you say one thing and do the opposite?

In your own administration, Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Gates said things that contradicted what you said publicly, so who are we to believe? Using the UN resolution and the approval of the Arab League as an excuse to go to war is simply a “Bush-ist” approach.

Americans seem not to care about what is happening beyond their borders and are not aware of CIA activities in destabilizing other countries. What matters to them is to see the price of gas go down at the gas pump. However, the hatred of those who want to hurt the United States is beyond the envy of US democracy and freedom. How can you proclaim to be protecting civilians and rain bombs on the ground? How do you know that the bombs are not killing civilians?

For sure, in the 2012 presidential election, you cannot count on my vote. The reason is simple: you cannot promise one thing and do another. As the Macua  of Mozambique say, “He who chews two bones at the same time will surely bite his tongue.”


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