West involves itself with the Lybian conflict: Eating a lot does not satisfy greediness

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The West’s addiction to foreign oil is certainly what motivates a coalition of  Westerners lead by the French to engage in what would become an inevitable  confrontation with Moammar Gaddafi.

The U.N. resolution confirmed once again the international conspiracy against the weak. At least during the time of cold war, the world was more peaceful because the super powers neutralized each other. I do not believe that the latest “sympathy” of the  West for the Lybian opposition is an humanitarian gesture. Lybia is rich in oil and oil attracts imperialists.  Gaddafi is not an angel, but the involvement of the West in another Arab country is seen as one more drop of water in a vase full of water.

Muslim extremist groups see the involvement of the United States and its allies as bullying and an international conspiracy. It is shameful to pretend to do good, meanwhile having a hidden agenda. France has supported and protected dictators in oil-rich African countries. It is surprising  to see them take the lead in a country that is not its former colony. The world witnessed the killings in Rwanda with indifference until it was too late because there was nothing in it for them. Meanwhile, US ships are already in Lybian waters.

As the Malinke of Mali say, “Eating a lot does not satisfy greediness.” 


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