Palin and Bachmann likely to be contenders for the GOP nomination: Pots take turns to sit on the fire

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┬áHer popularity sinking, Sarah Palin has been very quiet lately. Her silence means for the media fewer headlines. Like a mushroom growing in mud, Michele Bachmann is the new star of the Tea Party. The media is turning its attention to her–not for her messages to her supporters, but for her misstatements. The American media is sexist. It overplays her gaffes as it did those of Sarah Palin.

The two women belong to the same extremist group and are likely to be contenders for the GOP nomination for the presidential election in 2012. For sure in the kingdom of the Tea Party there will be two queens: Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. The media loves that. As the Maasai of Kenya say, “Pots take turns to sit on the fire.”


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