Some priests have died with their dark secrets: Often, under the unseeing, hide the cunning

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While the world’s attention is on the civil war in Libya and the protests in Wisconsin, disturbing news was released in Philadelphia. A group of twenty-one priests suspected of child abuse were put on administrative leave. This bombshell has once again put the Catholic Church in a bad spot.

Is being a priest just a sneaky way for a child molester to have easy access to kids?  How can we believe and trust a true priest not knowing if he is a sexual predator hidden in a priest’s suit? 

Worse is the coverup of the scandal for years. Many of us knew priests when we were young, but we will never know if they were bad or good. Many of the evil priests have certainly died with their dark secrets. We will never know. As the Arabs of Egypt say, “Often, under the unseeing, hide the cunning.”


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