Ghaddafi should think about where he should ask for asylum: A bird with fire on its tail burns its own nest

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For all of us who consider ourselves citizens of the world, the situation in Libya right now has our attention. Like wildfire, the revolution for change in the Arab world is gaining ground where we couldn’t even imagine it to be possible. The enigmatic Colonel Ghaddafi is about to join the list of dictators kicked out by their own people.

There are a lot of similarities between Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein. They both have run their country with no mercy for the opposition, and both have their sons involved in the management of the country, as if it is personal property. I do not know what power does to transform a leader into a dictator. Ghaddafi has witnessed the fall of Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, and Ben Ali, but still does not get it.

Ghaddafi is certainly worse than the other three dictators. Not only is he a ruthless dictator against his own people, but he, in the past, was involved in worldwide terrorism and destabilization of foreign countries by supporting military coups or arming the opposition in many sub-Saharan countries. Colonel Ghaddafi should not try to stop the will of an oppressed people. They have been inspired by the Egyptians and Tunisians and believe that the impossible is possible.

Instead of fighting to stay in power, he should think about where he should ask for asylum. As the Serere of Senegal say, “A bird with fire on its tail burns its own nest.”


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