What political system do the Egyptians want? We live by hope, but a reed never becomes an Iroko tree by dreaming

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The Rais has stepped down, long life to the Rais. For many people in Egypt, President Mubarak was a dictator. For many outsiders, Mubarak was the bridge between the West and the Arab world.

Nobody is perfect and democracy is not a magic solution against poverty. No matter which country, race, or religion you belong to, we all need a better life. President Mubarak, for thirtyyears, believed that he was good for his people and  has learned that he was wrong.

There is no guarantee that Egypt will be stable after his departure. We have already seen the Hamas militants in Gaza celebrating his departure and Hezbollah in Lebanon congratulating the Egyptian people. Only God knows the future of Egypt.

 The fall of Mubarak is the beginning of more trouble for Egypt. Despite the lack of democracy, Mubarak has maintained a stable country. It was expected, soon or later, that Mubarak would leave power. A similar revolution known as the “orange revolution” in Ukraine was a big fiasco.

Egyptian people have the right to dream of a better life after Mubarak, but more challenges lie ahead. What kind of political system do they want? As the Yoruba of Nigeria say, “We live by hope, but a reed never becomes an Iroko tree by dreaming.”


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